Tuesday, April 28, 2009

some notes

I was the marketing director at a music venue in NYC for a few months last summer - resume padding. I learned a lot, and now have experience to back up my absolute disgust for this "career", and, at the very minimum 75% of all those that work in the field. Though it's not their fault, it's alienated labor for them - ignorance is bliss, and so on.
One of the things I learned how to use is Google Analytics - though I'm not an expert. Through the learning process of all of this, it really makes me acutely aware of my thoughts of self policing - as well as policing others, the proverbial 15 minutes, panopticism, and so on. It's worse on social networking sites - worst of all, micro blogging via twitter. I have brought this issue up before in a previous post, I think - so it's something I am still trying to conclude, or reconcile. I had installed Analytics when I first started the site, somewhat inspired by an ex that installed it on hers and I thought it was kinda cool in a purely curious way - ok admittedly there was an ounce of vanity too. I rebelled at the thought of blogging only to cave. I don't remember if I read this or wrote it myself, but - I shout out my rebellion only to be frightened of my echo - if anyone, I think it was Camus who wrote this, or something similar, I'm too "lazy" to attempt to find it. I'm still trying to find something I read by him when I was about 20 years old, about singing - the problem is I can't remember if it really was him, and where I read it. I mean I think I know, but memory has a way of being faulty.

Anyway, I have reached over 700 unique readers in many countries; the power of the internet and the ability to reach an audience. A little less than 50 of them visit almost weekly. I recognize this is because of my sharing of quotes and out of print records, not because of my writing some rambling thoughts. The point being, being a fan of RSS feeds - I added this option - mostly for my own vanity, but also your convenience. I wish there was a way to add followers without it being displayed on the page.

One thing I recently was discussing with a friend is that I think my sense of humor seems to be lost all too often, ie most of the bands I was in were a lot of fun with lots of tomfoolery and jackassery, but that seems to be lost in songs about a "revolution" that will never come to fruition and being critical/dialectical/polemical of our past and present conditions. Even in the telling of these thoughts there was a decent amount of fun. ie the cliche reference of politicians by "the punks"/ left as snakes via "but split tongues shouldn't spit promises of tomorrow, forever empty" when we/they (in a us vs them sort of way) are doing the exact same thing. it's a recurring process - the finger pointing, while doing nothing, or even some action is a distraction from the real issues (the problem is, that what a real issue is, no one knows - what does it look like?), all without really facing the now through the past mistakes. Even in the first paragraph speaking of marketers partaking in alienated labor is slightly tongue in cheek. Also, it should be noted that I am not the subject of anything I have EVER written, including this.

Last night I went to see Mogwai. I went with a friend and we were talking (/nerding) out about what essentially boils down to being star/awe struck of our fellow community members due to their bands, and/or being awesome - and there are time frames, bands, individuals - experiences that we want to keep sacred - therefore not wanting to meet the individuals that comprise these bands because of the possibility of spoiling that sacredness. The thing is I can't think of anyone that I feel that way about, and I've met most of those people I at one time admired, and every single one of them has been more than accommodating or awesome on some level. Well there were a few, but whatever, I don't count them, as for the most part, these individuals were tourists, and they got lost in the journey, their ego, or elsewhere.

Lastly / in closing, I received the new Towers full length, "Full Circle" - Seriously amazing! I thank them for putting me in the thank you list - you're welcome for whatever it is that you are thanking me for. The individuals involved with the entire Be Happy/Philadelphia scene are sincere, inspiring, and extremely talented and prolific. Outside of saying the new record is awesome, I assure you it's in my top ten for the year - and if you're into chaotic heavy music with roots within the diy scene - complete with amazing drumming, intelligent lyrics, and crazy effected guitars, it will be in yours too. Also, the use of the toy piano is always a sure way into my ear's heart. "this is a dead horse beaten back to life"

Stay humble. Be well.

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