Thursday, April 23, 2009

Universal Order of Armageddon

I am pretty sure that my introduction to Tonie Joy's guitar playing was the Universal Order of Armageddon split 7" with Born Against. I was still in high school and 17 years old. At that time Born Against were my favorite band. It just so happens that Tonie played bass on the Born Against songs on that split 7", which just so happen to arguably be the best Born Against songs.

The next record I picked up from UOA was their Gravity 12" - which is comprised of my favorite songs/versions. Incidentally, the version of No Longer Stranger, here called Longer Stranger, also features Sam Mcpheeters of Born Against on backing vocals.

Tonie is a very consistent musician and all of his bands rank very highly amongst my favorites. The Convocation of, now just The Convocation, just released a new 7" on Gravity.

Universal Order of Armageddon is as fresh, timeless, and relevant as they were in 1993, which is to say, they hold up amazingly.

As far as I know this 12" is long out of print. These songs were not included on the Switch is Down CD - which is unfortunate. So, here's my rip - my copy is quite old and there is some surface noise present - I used to listen this A LOT. In fact, I probably listened to it more than any other record until the Portraits of Past LP came out.

My friend, you are no longer stranger. Universal Order of Armageddon - Gravity 12"


stormgren said...

Thank you for this.

PETE said...

Thanks you for this! had the CD for years but only found out recently the Gravity 12" wasn't included. Fuck man, i love this band so much.

Damian Hade said...

you are both really welcome!

safari4ad said...

Awesome! You rule!

safari4ad said...

Thank you! You rule!