Friday, May 8, 2009

insomnia returns

"It was worth the kick I got back on"

I have visitors 3 out of 4 weekends this month. Any one of you are more than welcome to go 4 for 4 by visiting the 15th-17th.

I also graduate (junior college) at the end of the month (finally), well the last final is on the 21st. I have met all the requirements, but I have a feeling the school is going to somehow mess it up, we'll see when we get there. It's hard for me to not say that I've wasted my time and money, but this was a necessary step if I want to have a career in one of the only fields I think I could look at myself and say I'm doing the best I can, absolutely mean it, and live with myself.

Today I turned in a VERY short paper exploring the connection between environmental concerns and Marxist leanings, of course citing Walter Benjamin, who was in turn referencing Charles Fourier. At the turn of the 19th century Fourier coined the term feminism, advocated rights for homosexuals, made a call to end poverty, and the need to establish a relationship between labor and nature - through a warning that the exploitation of nature would lead to, as Benjamin paraphrases in Thesis XI in On The Concept of History, “four moons would illuminate the sky at night, the polar ice caps would recede, seawater would no longer taste salty, and beasts of prey would do man’s bidding.” And only now are these concerns truly being faced. I have already started working on threading these thoughts with the care of the self.
To back up, a lot of environmental literature at one point or another references utopian ideals. So now we move forward.

Earlier this week I designed a post card for the label, they should arrive by the 19th at the latest. I'll share then, as well as make the official announcement of the next release - if you have poor math skills, it's the new portraits of past 12". Needless to say, I'm rather excited about this. They're playing in San Diego this weekend, I would have gone, but... visitors, shit to do, etc.

The label also got picked up by 3 new distributors this week. When they list the stuff on their sites, it will be added to the proper site. Let's hope they stick around and can pay up when that time comes. The amount of money I've lost to folded distros, stores, and "lost" paper work (on their end, not mine) could have at least paid the only label debt to Tim D (technically this is a DLA debt, cause we used that money for other things, like eating on tour). - I intend to pay this before the end of this year.

In other DLA news, I made cover art for our last 5 songs, finally.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll be recording the vocals for my fairly straight forward version of Kracked by Dinosaur Jr. Mark and Lawrence helped me out. Mark played drums and Lawrence played bass. Adam engineered. I'm setting a goal of a September release for this. I'll probably "leak" my song to friends as soon as it's done. Here's a video of me recording the solo - while Mark and Adam party.

The book is hitting some delays on Jarod's end, but, it's coming.

Lastly, I wrote a few letters, turned them into one, destroyed the others, but now I think I might have a new issue of the zine.

I will out run them all.

on that note, I leave with a vague and slight(ly) passive aggressive missive, which is dedicated to a ghost that still haunts me - you're like a car wreck and I can't stop looking, even though I recognize the victims.

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