Monday, April 20, 2009

return to a year older

To be honest, it's kinda good to come back - though not to part with my friend(s) - seeing the skyline on returning flights is something that I kinda love.

The trip was very event filled.
Watching Jarod talk to J was as weird and awkward as I had ever hoped for. I kinda froze up and with J's responses to Jarod's "gear" questions felt it better to not say anything. But it was what I wanted and expected, so I was glad.

I'm really glad to have seen the people that came down for the show. Hanging out with John and Megan was awesome. John's part of a panel discussion on minimalism at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art - that happens at the end of the month - he plans on not saying much.

Hanging out with Ian was fun - he recognized me, which was kinda cool. I had a lot of fun watching his new band, Chain and the Gang.

Jarod and I made a lot of progress on the previously mentioned book, there were some evolutionary changes, and hope to see that in production very soon.

I located a book of Sonnets by Walter Benjamin and ordered it. I am going to work on translating it over the summer, and this will probably be the next book I work on for the label - I hope to see it done before the end of the year.

I did a little research on Paul Klee while in Bloomington and found the previously posted picture. It is titled "Kleine Seenot" which is translated as "Slight Danger at Sea" - it was drawn in 1928 (I think the drawing from this year are amongst my favorite) and is now in the Klee-Zentrum in Berne - I think I'm going to plan a major trip for a few of us sometime in the future. When I got back to the apartment Alex presented me with a Paul Klee book that I haven't ever seen - for my birthday! AND there was a Paul Klee documentary waiting for me from an online based video rental business.

Label stuff, I have some Morrow cds in my possession and will begin doing that work now. I think I should have some other info on the next release before the end of the month.

Jarod is in another band called Universe. It has members of other bands and other visual artists. They recorded their demo while I was in town and also played a show. I really enjoyed them and hope to see them do some things soon - I believe they are touring in August.

We spent Record Store Day outside of Landlocked and printed shirts on demand - it was a beautiful day and ended up being A LOT of fun.

anyway, I hope this finds you well. Someone probably misses you.

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