Wednesday, May 20, 2009

threading quarters for laundry to a few bands, most specifically Honeywell.

I always take extra quarters to do laundry. This is a decision arrived upon after much careful deliberation - each and every time. I only want to take exact change, why the added weight, the significant increase in the bulge in my pocket. But what happens if I drop a quarter and it goes to an unretrievable distance under the machine? Or, let's take yesterday as an example, I kept putting a quarter in the machine, and it just came back out, I did this mechanically a few times, finally when I took notice of it, it was Canadian.

This post is mostly about Honeywell though, whom I admittedly don't know all that much about. I don't remember how or when I discovered them, sometime in between 1995-1997. I do know that Honeywell disbanded in 1994 and went on to later form Volume 11 - which pick up nicely where Honeywell left off, and even covered a Honeywell song on their live LP - also members were in Los Cincos / Syncopation. I do know they were crazy young, from somewhere in California (for some reason I wanna say the greater Los Angeles area), and pretty awesome for the time period.
This is everything they ever recorded, as far as I know - the demo, the song from In Memory of Jason comp, the Industry LP, the s/t 7", the Electric Koolaid 7", the split with Reach Out, and the Phantom Racer Club Cassette No 1.

With bringing up Honeywell it is really hard, if not outright impossible for me not to mention the following: for those of you that know me personally, and/or were around Fort Wayne in 2002 - 2003 at anytime, know that I loved Mortadusk, and drew parallels to Honeywell and Elements of Need. I've written and shouted out from rooftops all kinds of praise about them being the embodiment of the second coming. I screen-printed over my own band's T-shirts, signifying our insignificance in comparison. I am completely bummed about the lack of proper documentation when I think back to that time period. I mean it might be one of the greatest sins never committed to tape. Also, since I brought it up, and you probably watch TV, you probably already know that a member of Elements of Need is Eric (who was also in Ink & Dagger) from some show called "Tim&Eric, Awesome Show." And hey, you can !!!! off anytime you'd like.


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stormgren said...

What?! I had no idea that Eric Wareheim was in Elements of Need. That's silly as fuck. Your "shouting from rooftops" makes me blush.