Thursday, June 11, 2009

a song for a day.

no doubt about it, I'm a fool.

I graduated junior college - did I mention that? I'm STILL trying to make sure my school didn't mess up some paper work / bureaucracy, but get no reply.

The rain has prevented me from working, but I have plenty of things to do - yet I find myself feeling like I wasted a day. For example, I recorded a song today, read, did some research, went to class, went to see a friend's band play, yet I still feel like I didn't do anything.

Here's the song if you want to hear it.
Sloppily, hastily recorded; 6 guitars, 1 Bass, written as I recorded each track - kinda like improv, but not. I have recorded songs like this since I was 14 years old - I haven't improved all that much, I'll prove it sometime before the year is up.
there are some others like it that I recorded last year and released on the digital release as [excs 09] - on the label's website -->

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