Saturday, August 22, 2009

Something about rambling or Babel-ing.

Please tell me they have ditched the idea of calling it the Freedom Tower.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the story of Babel (which is located in modern day Iraq)
The tower never finished, but the people became too involved and attached so the children and grandchildren of the workers stayed, thus the first city was born. Were there those seeking a redemption in the completion of the building? Was it a singular idea of one of the following: a protest to infantile ideas of a higher being and the heavens, an attempt to elevate human kind and reach a semblance of unity, to touch the sky, and other such ideas, or some combination. Were there pure intentions?
Then the "scattering of the tongues" - the birth of 72 languages out of Adamic. Fittingly, in Hebrew, Babel means confusion.
To reach such heights, why wasn't the tower built on a mountain?

To prevent my own rambling see Kafka, Benjamin, Mos├ęs, Isenbarger, Led Zeppelin, the book of Genesis.

And now "they" are attempting to build an elevator to space.

"Life is really weird man."

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