Sunday, August 9, 2009

A gust

repaired the bike, going to take it out in a bit.
I have seven whole dollars invested in it, and not a penny more.

Jason is moving in literally down the street. I expect dinners, movie nights, good conversations, and another collaborative art piece - I'm counting the painting he did of my photo.

other than that, label things are shaping up, hit some snags with some cover art, but should have that figured out within the week.

I'm really debating running ads. It seems pointless with the internet and the fact that print is just bad. If you want to know something, it's really easy to find.

Speaking of printed matter, I picked up an issue of Give Me Back last night. The "reviews" are still terrible - and does anyone really buy something based on 3 sentences that generally consist of some variation of the following, "this band is good. they are from place X. they put on a great live show." if you're lucky they may mention what other projects the band members have been in or are also in. but rarely is there any commentary on the band, the content, and the more important aspects of the band/recording/performance. Context matters.
Speaking of reviews Tim over at Zen and the Art of Face Punching put up a review of Morrow's s/t. - - with a link to gimmesound.

I added red heroine to the label's gimmesound page too. I hope to get some more DLA songs up there.

I'm going to try to ride around the neighborhood to see if I set up the bike properly.

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