Wednesday, September 16, 2009

in my spare time I run a record label...

a little bummed that within minutes of me getting the ok from the printer that the covers of the Portraits of Past 12" are all set and ready to print, that I found out someone in Japan leaked it from the Japanese CD version. I had kept a really tight lid on this and didn't let anyone copy it or have mp3s of it. oh well, now that it's out there I'm anxious to hear other people's response.

the 12" will be here within the next few weeks.
pre-ordering launched - which means I set up a webstore -

still waiting for Furnace to get it together and let me know what's up with the US CD version.

school's great.
I'm great.
You're probably alright.

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Anonymous said...

i feel kinda bad for downloading it, but i preordered the color vinyl.

the riff in "Through To An End" is NEXT LEVEL.