Thursday, July 23, 2009

Winning and how to write about the dead and the dying.

Absence haunts.

Been traveling a little, Philadelphia a few times, Indiana, and day trips throughout the greater NYC area. I work in Stamford, CT most days it's not raining, which means I don't work very much, as it's been raining so much lately. A few times in the last few weeks I found myself in 4 states within a few moments of each other and thought about all sorts of things.

My most recent trip took me from Newark, NJ to Cleveland, OH where I had a flight to Dayton, OH which would have been followed by a car trip to Indianapolis with my friend James. However, when I landed in Cleveland, the flight to Dayton was overbooked. Taking advantage of this opportunity I offered up my seat in exchange for a direct flight to Indianapolis and as an added bonus "they" gave me a $300 travel voucher - all on a $180 ticket.

Rob, Rex, Jeremy, and Jonah picked me up from the Indianapolis airport. To explain how awesome that is, is embarrassing to all people involved. There's a lot of back story and details that would be lost in my fumbling for words. Dear reader/friend, just accept that the culmination of all events of the day pretty much maths out to being one of the better days of recent memory. The surprised encounters with friends only sweetened the deal. Closing out Saturday's fest, Portraits of Past put in their best set that I've seen so far, my sixth.

As a result of the $300 travel voucher I decided I'm going to Berlin, Germany and Bern, Switzerland for spring break '10, I'm trying to get a few others to save up and go with me, or tell my friends to be on tour during that time. I look forward to seeing meines Deutches freunden in ihrem Vaterland as well as expats etc.

I got the master reference tracks of the new Portraits of Past 12" (hopefully out in September / October) and haven't really listened to much else in these last few days. I'll write up a press release and get that ball rolling soon.

I have a few more edits to the book and Jarod hopes to print that in the next few weeks.

Ok, I need to go to a photo shoot; results will be posted sooner or later.

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