Saturday, March 6, 2010

lose a friend.
make new ones.
find old ones, even better yet, be found by old ones.

I need more sun and warmth, not speaking solely of weather. yes, spring's promise is welcomed.

Sometimes things don't add up and we need reference points, things to consider, substantiate claims. ie let's say someone was influenced by something, someone, or what have you, I personally would like proof. or let's say you heard a rumor, and you wanted to know if it's true - or if it has some semblance of truth - going to the source(s) would be better than just believing the claim. People say stupid things to suit their needs, whether that's out of hurt, pride, jealousy, confusion, malice, hearsay, or simply not knowing the facts, and it is of great consequence. I tend to believe most things I'm told, especially when it comes from someone I admire, respect, or have some sense of attachment to. However, the confrontation can be, and in all probability will be, damaging, resulting in loss. Maybe there are some things we are not meant to know. But when one's driving force is after truth, how to walk away in confusion and doubt, well it's not easy. I've never been one to be dismissive.

I always wondered if Nietzsche ever commented on Marx, according to a footnote in Kaufman's biography of Nietzsche, no (see page 292 n7 which is continued from pg 291). I may have mentioned this already. That could have been real interesting.

and maybe that's where I get hung up, in the possibilities. the promise. again, there is no beginning, there is no end. nothing is finite.

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